5 Reasons This Senate Trial Is A Farce/ Sham!

In nearly every election, a large percentage of potential voters, fail to vote, and, thus, take advantage of their Constitutional right, to do so! In the past, many, who always voted, seemed to look – down, on those individuals, proclaiming, unless, one votes, they give – up, their right – to – complain! However, in the last few years, more people have become disillusioned, by our political system, and the politicians, who are supposedly, elected, to serve and represent us! In recent years, it seems, the level of disappointment, disgust, etc, and the feeling, it makes little difference, because, our public officials, either don’t care, and/ or, only consider their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, has appeared to rise, significantly. Even, many of those, who held – out, persisted, and endured, and remained hopeful, in our system, have reconsidered! As bad as many believe, the present occupant of the White House, is, both, in terms of the present and the future, there was some hope, because of the belief, we would be protected, because of the so – called, Balance of Powers! However, since President Trump, consistently behaves differently, and, ignores requests, and subpoenas, for documents and testimony, and, seems to be protected by members of his political party, some of us, feel, our system is being threatened, and under – siege! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 ways this Senate trial, appears to be farce! ifb senator wss 8 kg

1. No witness cooperation: Without permitting witnesses, and getting relevant testimonies, how can this be called, a trial? President Trump, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, influential Republican Senator Graham, and, many other party members, have done, all they can, to enable this President, and seem to be, ready, to close their eyes, to the apparent behavior, and mis – deeds of the man, rather than their constituents!

2. No replies/ permission, to subpoenas, for witnesses, and/ or, documents/ evidence: If subpoenas aren’t obeyed, and nothing happens, and relevant witnesses don’t testify, and significant documents, aren’t produced, and, then, Trump’s enablers, use lack of first – hand witnesses, and documents, as a defense, it seems to be somewhat like the story of the child, who murders his parents, and then pleads, for mercy, because he’s an orphan?

3. Format: This Senate trial, is not a true trial, because the format, is rigid, and avoids permitting cross – examination, the Chief Justice is merely a presiding officer (instead of behaving as a Judge), and one of the reasons, given, for avoiding calling witnesses, is, it is, excessively, time – consuming, etc. Instead of being an attempt to get the facts, and discover, whether there is any fault, etc, it seems to be, at best, a farce!

4. Pre – judging: In a normal trial, jurors take an oath, proclaiming, they will not pre – judge, and, if they do, are criminally liable! Senators, at the beginning of this process, do the same, but there seems to be little, to no enforcement. When the Majority Leader, not only, publicly states his resistance and positions, and, coordinates his behavior with the White House (in his own words), and other Senators (such as Senators Graham, Paul, Tillis, etc), claim, they feel, no trial is needed, because Trump did nothing wrong, obviously, many observers, would believe the process is rigged, etc!


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