Customized Packaging Tape Information

Packing up and moving is a pain. Whether you are moving to a new apartment or home, switching offices, or just sending something you have sold to someone, shipping is no fun. Items may be bulky or strangely shaped or the box you have may not be the right size, and that is entirely before the question of shipping cost arises. Make sure you have a good amount of quality packaging tape on hand before starting your moving or shipping process, because you will not get very far if you cannot seal up your boxes.

Everyone has seen police caution tape, or FRAGILE tape used on delicate items at the airport, but not everyone knows that their business could be using their own customized packaging tape to add to their branding message when shipping goods to customers. There are many services that will print any message you want on a custom roll of tape to reinforce your brand when your packages arrive at their destination. custom packaging

If you make your message specific, catchy, and descriptive enough, your customers will clearly remember your brand when it comes time to shop again. Obviously colorful, interesting, and unique packaging tape cannot make up for a shoddy product or unhelpful customer service, but when your business is on top of those things it can drive repeat business very effectively.

Packing tape is made of a variety of different materials, including paper, PVC, or vinyl. The most common types are blends between the above and polypropylene. In fact there are even different glues for the adhesive side that are customized to whatever surface the tape is most used on. This is important when choosing what material and glue to use for your customized tape – if it will not stick to your packing material, or keep your products together, then your customers will be frustrated that your products do not work as advertised.

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